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Our History

Calico & Crème was established here at our home on the farm in 1983, first as a gift shop. A former chicken farm that housed its equipment in the three bay garage (our present restaurant) and selling their eggs from the back room.(our present kitchen). Multiple family and friends throughout the years have helped to transform it all to Calico & Crème and what it is today. We worked with the Small Business Association of Clark University to understand the logistics of running our own business. The goals we set down 27 years ago have all come true. We never borrowed any money. We always paid all bills by the end of each season and continue that today. Our life and business values have been based on the Bible. That's treating others as we would like to be treated.

We love what we do, our customers and our community. It is so exciting in the spring when we open and welcome our extended family back to Calico & Crème. We have watched the customers children grow from baby carriers to applying to us for their first job, most remaining with us through college. The twenty three who presently work for us are like our kids. They respect our values and we respect them for who they are. We try to always be here for them, even after hours. We are truly blessed by them making us special as a family, home —based business. They are part of making Calico & Crème what we are today.

Serving our community is our responsibility. We provide ice cream or food whenever we can.Sometimes it's
  • 425 Sundaes for reward s for students.
  • "Dirt sundaes” for the composting program at the school. • pizza for a safety program being taught by the Police.
  • Ice cream cones to those who wear their helmets riding their bikes.
  • A summer reading program in seven local libraries to encourage children to read

    E.LE.I.O. is a huge piggy bank for the community that we created from an old oil tank. The children love her, climb on her, have their picture taken and most of all, put their pennies in her to purchase food for the Fire, Highway and Police during an emergency. Because Elaine is a Cert (Certified Emergency Response Team) member, we were called and able to cook and provide 250 meals, twice a day for 8 days, during the ice storm of 08. We graciously accepted the "Citizens of the year Award" from our Community.

    Donations received within the restaurant for the poor enable us to help the poor in our area. Also, we were able to send $2000 to Haiti at their time of need.

    On April 19th 2010, we excitedly opened for our 27th season. Our grandchildren now bustle about serving our customers. We love being a family based business that flows through us, to the workers, to our customers and out the door into our community and surrounding towns. We are blessed!

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